When a Death Occurs

  • The first step is to call and inform us of the death. We have licensed staff on call 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  • One of our licensed professionals will consult with you on your wishes for arrangements.
  • At that time, we will arrange for transfer from place of death to our facility.
  • We will take care of completing and filing of all certificates, permits, and authorizations.
  • We will also obtain certified copies of the death certificate, which you may need.
  • We will transfer your loved one to the crematory for the cremation.
  • Massachusetts law requires a 48-hour waiting period after death before the cremation process can occur, unless otherwise approved by the Medical Examiner.

Cremation is not always the end of the process. We will arrange for a memorial service, an earth burial, scattering of the cremated remains, placing an urn in a niche at a cemetery, or personal delivery to your residence.

At home with hospice

When a death occurs at home and a hospice nurse has been taking care of a family member, they should be called and informed of the death. The hospice nurse will come to your residence to formally pronounce the time of death. After the hospice nurse is called you may contact the cremation service twenty-four hours a day. At that time, our licensed staff member will consult with you and your family regarding arrangements and provide transfer of your loved one to our facility. Final Arrangements can be made at your convenience.

At home with no hospice

When an unexpected death occurs at home, the first thing to do is to call your local emergency department, ambulance, and the police. The ambulance and police department will contact the Medical Examiner’s office. The Medical Examiner’s office has to be notified of all unexpected deaths. The Medical Examiner may transfer the body to their facility depending on manner of death, or age for investigating the cause of death. If the Medical Examiner declines to investigate, we may transfer a loved one for a service. If the Medical Examiner does transfer the body to their facility, we can arrange for the transfer and release from their facility.

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